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FNB Stadium 2010

The World-Wide soccer championship of 2010 In South Africa.

The Cimolai SPA company is continuing to be successful in the building of stadiums. From the most famous in Athens, they are now signing for a new one in Johannesburg, South Africa, where both the starting match and the final 2010 world championship match will be held. The stadium will give hospitality to 94000 people, it is a 7000 tons’ work, corresponding to a value of 40 Millions Euros.

All the shipments, started at end of March 2008 and finishing at end of this year, are handled by Cargo International, an Italian forwarding agent based in MilaS, present on the market for 30 years. They are a specialised shipment company for the transportation of pieces of unusual shape and dimension. The most important pieces, will be sent by trailers and special containers, in cooperation with Messina Line from Genova. In South Africa, Cargo International collaborates with its correspondent Aviocean with Head Quarters (HQ) in Durban and offices in the main South African cities.